Specialty Care

Specialty Care for your Loved One

At Alternative Care, we are committed to the overall health of your loved one. Because we are a smaller assisted living home, our residents find much more dedication to their health and wellness needs from our dedicated staff and caregivers. To ensure we meet all of our residents’ needs, we offer a variety of specialty care services tailored to your loved one’s specific care program. Whether it is long-term assisted living or short-term care, we will help you plan a course of action to ensure that all of your loved one has the care they need.

Respite Care

Short-term stay care, also known as respite care, is a great option when your loved one needs a temporary place to stay. Many of our short-term care residents come stay with us while a family member is out of town or just need extra help after a hospital visit. We have the perfect community for your loved to stay on a short-term basis. Whether it is a few days, or a few months, you will find caring staff that is welcoming and ready to take care of your loved one. You can rest assured that while you are away, your loved one will be taken care of by our skilled staff and caregivers. Our short-term residents are offered all of the same amenities as our long-term residents and are invited to participate in all of our activities dependent upon their stamina and interest. We will meet with you prior to assess the individual needs of each short-term resident to ensure the same quality of service they are accustomed to living with.

Assisted Living

Our home care assisted living approach is designed to implement personalized services for each resident. We understand that our residents value their independence, but may need help with daily activities such as bathing and dressing. Prior to your loved one moving into our facility, we take the time to plan out their specific care program to ensure that all of their daily needs are met.

Alzheimer’s Care

At Alternative Care, we believe that our residents living with memory loss and/or memory disorders can live active and rewarding lives. Our approach is to cater to those who have developed memory loss, and have an interest in slowing down the progression of memory loss. Our program supports the improvement of cognitive thinking through daily activities focused on communication and relationships.

Personal Care

Each resident has different needs and preferences. A meeting is held to provide an assessment of the resident to get an overview of all personal and individualized needs so that we can all provide the best service and a comfortable stay.