Why Alternative Care, Inc.?

Alternative Care: Assisted Living Done Differently

At Alternative Care Homes, residents enjoy a personable, home-like assisted living environment. Our facilities offer a wide range of services and activities, creating an inviting and comfortable living space. Our unique approach facilitates warmth and community, providing a true support system for families and loved ones. Our flexible payment scale, combined with our level of care truly creates a viable option for many families.

What does Alternative Care have to offer?

Personalized care.

Alternative Care focuses on the overall enrichment of residents through personalized care.¬†Unlike larger and impersonal retirement centers, Alternative Care’s home environment gives residents the chance to receive care in a comfortable home-style environment. You will not find hospital-type rooms at our facility, only the comfortable feeling of being home.


Alternative Care, is a micro-community. Which means it is a smaller senior community. Unlike larger facilities, micro-communities help residents develop deeper bonds. Some people prefer it for its smaller, less institutional setting, which can seem cold and unwelcoming to many.

Assisted Living.

Your loved one may be wanting their independence, and assisted living facilities offer just that. Assisted living facilities are an apartment style habitat designed to focus on providing assistance with daily living activities. They provide a higher level of service for the elderly, which can include preparing meals, housekeeping, medication assistance, laundry, and also regular check-ins on the residents. Alternative Care Inc. is designed to bridge the gap between independent living and nursing home facilities.

If you’ve been disappointed in large scale facilities, become a part of the Alternative Care family. We provide one-on-one attention and customized care. With a breadth of activities and services your loved one will feel at home. You can rest assured knowing that you’ve chosen the very best option for your family. Our community-oriented approach creates a truly alternative solution to assisted living.